Barnes 62 grain ttsx load data

barnes 62 grain ttsx load data 30 Caliber Bullet 50 Projectiles TTSX BT 180 Grain Barnes . I 39 m loading 62 g RL 17 cci 250 39 s Norma brass. Barnes bullets include all copper construction no fragmentation deeper penetration than lead core bullets and maximum bullet weight retention. It sounds like I could start at 24. 12 gauge Std Field Loads 12 gauge Slug 12 gauge Target Loads BARNES 35 . I can probably get you the recommended OAL for standard 7mm 08 per Barnes Manual 4 but if you are looking to customize the load to your son 39 s rifle you 39 ll need to measure the seating depth of the bullet to get a good starting point 0. 243 Winchester 62 grains and 9 . Rifle Bullets. If I do all traces of the other bullets will be removed from the barrel. Mar 11 2013 I do not have a preference between the 80 grain TTSX and the 85 grain TSX. 0 inch 558. 681 quot The last three loads were compressed. The new Tipped TSX features the same 100 percent copper body with multiple rings cut into the shank. 223 5. 210 quot longer than the Nosler 62 grain bullet which could will have a detrimental effect on stability using a 1 14 quot twist. Unless he has a faster twist 22 250 the 53 grain TSX or 60 grain Partition is going to be a lot better choice. Seated right at max Coal. Is there a large terminal performance difference between the 55 62gr TTSX and the 80gr TTSX nbsp If anyone has experimented with good ACCURATE hunting load for I don 39 t think Barnes makes a . 62 2 666 3 944 2 923 4 742 9. XFN bullet and H 4198 powder. 8 are longer than the 90gr TNT 39 s I use by quite a bit. 223 Rem has such a discrepancy I decided I had to work them up myself starting with a MUCH lower amount giving me a larger margin of The TSX was introduced in 2003 and has become Barnes 39 most popular hunting bullet. 3x62mm Barnes Reloading Manual 4 reloading data with 48 loads. e. Good groups were thrown from 62. My hornady reloading book says that 45. 850 yielded 3260fps shot less than 1 2 quot MOA. my googling hasn 39 t come up with any results today. Min Charge Max Charge Optimal Charge Bullet Make Bullet Type Primer Notes Alliant RL 15 69 gr. 62 . 9 gr 3 450 0. 3x64mm Brenneke Load Data 375 Holland amp Holland H amp H Magnum Load Data 60 62 Grain Cartridge Information. To view this Reloading Guide in a PDF format click the red button below. This is not loaded ammunition. 80 Nov 16 2019 In your situation the the Barnes TTSX is a full 0. This is simply where I stopped load development not necessarily the best it will do. While being able able to load them into the mag chamber into the riffle and pull off a more accurate loaded hunting round. The Barnes 5. H335 would be ideal for the 62 grain. does any one have any load data available for the Barnes 62 grain tsx using the following powders arcomp or bl c 2 . 308 though. Big exit holes massive damage between entrance and exit especially if bone was hit going in. INDICATES MAXIMUM LOAD USE CAUTION LOADS LESS THAN MINIMUM CHARGES SHOWN ARE NOT RECOMMENDED. 5 grains Group 0. Varget is too slow you can 39 t get enough in the case. 223 Remington Barnes Reloading Manual 4 Warning Notes case Winchester case trim length 1. 350 GRAIN BARNES TSX REDUCED LOAD DATA VELOCITY feet per second POWDER 1 300 1 400 1 500 1 600 1 700 1 900 VARGET x x x 65 gr. Nov 06 2012 Re thoughts on 110 TTSX out of 308win Ive run the numbers on it compared to my 178 amax at 2610 fps and inside 400 yards it seems like a good load for whitetail. The Sierra 39 s shoot better sub half inch and do an awesome job on deer. 243. I plan to load with Hodgdon H4831S powder. 60 gr. 3 62. Barnes bullet. 224 Load Data. I called Barnes to see what load data they could provide for a Nato 5. 89 QuickView Load More Your Barnes reloading bullets for sale online at great prices including Barnes Triple Shock X bullets Barnes TSX bullets and Barnes muzzleloading bullets. The loading manuels usely show more powders for the 308 then other calibers and all shoot good. About 23 to 24 grains would be max for a 5. I am just curious if any one has noticed accuracy differences with backing down to say 58 grains im curious if you would also know the MV on that load with the 26 in barrel. 8 mm Predicted Data for Indicated Charges of the Following Powders. 56 load data 11 Feb 2017 I hand load the ttsx 39 s for a few rifles but I 39 m shooting the factory 308 150gr ttsx for elk. 340 OAL regarding the simulation I conducted for this. Matching Maximum Pressure 64000 psi or 441 MPa or a maximum loading ratio or filling of 110 Barnes Reloading Bullets 22 Caliber . One of the bullets I intend to test is the 145 gr. 050 quot to 0. 69 and The new Tipped TSX features the same 100 percent copper body with multiple Includes loads for Barnes Banded Solids along with data for big bore rifle. To view ALL 6. 7 quot twist for your TTSX bullets using basic parameters. 3 x 62 likes the 286 grain Barnes TSX and Solids and so do I. I compare 2 premium hunting rounds. L 2. In my 270WSM I worked up the 129gr LRX with 62. VOR TX load propels its 168 grain TTSX to 2 680 fps factory published at the muzzle not 3 000 fps used in the example. Going to be using a 16 inch 1 7 twist barrel on an AR upper for hunting and long range. x 400 GRAIN BARNES TSX amp 400 Sep 19 2012 In this segment of Guns and Gear Season 4 the all copper triple shock x bullets from Barnes Bullets come in tipped and non tipped and are available as both bullets and ammunition. 5 Grendel and . I want to use Barnes 270 TXS or 250 TTSX bullets In the Barnes manual the ttxs was not mentioned and only 2 gunpowder types on the TSX bullet. 3x62. N160 A slow burning powder well suited to a broad 110 Sierra RN Pro Hunter Lil Gun 16 2150 1129 18. 5 grains of Varget as Max with the 85 grain TSX. grains Muzzle velocity 3225 FPS. 05 2. TSX load quite nicely. 177 Ballistic Coefficient . Our all copper Triple Shock X Bullet is made of a softer material than used in conventional jacketed bullets. Just for fun I measured base to junction of copper and plastic tip and found it to The older Barnes manual 3 had load data for the Hornet but was published befor development of the TSX bullet. TAC 69 gr. loads and I have lots of it Any help would be appreciated. 4 max with H4895. 062 quot 3rds 24. Remington Ammo that performed subpar for my liking. This combo has taken 2 Cape Buff Hippo Croc Leopard Sable Eland Zebra Warthog Baboon Duiker Bushbuck. 730 oal and 1 2 quot MOA. Nov 02 2015 I m not finding any data for Barnes Tipped 180 grain bullets in . 22 Caliber 62 Grain TTSX Barnes 30188 made by Barnes Check out our online Website Reloading Everything and Shop online Toda. Min Charge Max Charge Optimal Charge Bullet Make Bullet Type Primer Notes Hodgdon Benchmark 90 gr. May 05 2019 The loads stated are loads that are safe in my rifle. 30 06 has a few powders that are listed for most or all the TSX amp TTSX bullet weights I 39 m interested in trying IMR 4064 for all Big Game for all H414 H4895 IMR 4895 I have been shooting 150 grain TTSX factory loads so I 39 ll probably start loading 150s then go lighter or heavier depending on results. Barnes Sierra Hornady and Nosler along with many others nbsp I 39 m moving to all copper bullets and I 39 m not sure what kinds of load data I should look at I load the 85 grain Barnes in my . I recently bought some . 5 PRC is the finest all around one. Wondering if anyone else has tried loading any of these bullets and had any success. 50 each so I decided to make my own. thanks for any assistance. 44. 0 gr of IMR 4350 work up to this load Shoots . 177. So far Ive only been able to get 1 quot groups out of quot hp match quot factory ammo not what one would want to use hunting. 5 grains is exactly what I shoot also. Both advertise very Nov 28 2014 Achieving optimum accuracy with Barnes all copper bullets. 56MM 70 GR. I will not would not shoot further than 150 yards and the load shoots 3 into . These two shoot to same POI with 54 grains of Varget. Aug 15 2013 I have found some pretty good medicine for hogs using the . 250 62 grain TSX BT TAC X BT Sectional Density . Not accepted method but never had a problem. 1 Jan 2017 What is your quot accurate in all my guns quot load for the 62 gr. In this video I put the Barnes 168 Grain TSX BT to the true test hunting an actual deer. 09 1. 0 inch 609. You can get a little more velocity and it 39 s pretty accurate. The Barnes Reloading Manual Number 4 lists some handloading data for VG bullets. 0 grains of Varget. Jul 20 2012 I have not chronoed the TSX load yet. TSX load looks like it may replace the old SSA 5. Thanks in advance. 255 almost the same as the Barnes load data. A couple of 100 grain favorites are the Nosler Ballistic Tip and the Sierra HP. 857 quot 4rds 23. 5mm 264 Diameter 127 Grain LRX Boat Tail Lead Free Box of 50 Barnes Tipped Triple Shock X TTSX Bullets 30 Caliber 308 Diameter 150 Grain Spitzer Boat Tail Lead Free Box of 50 May 12 2014 For example should you have a Hornady GMX solid core hunting bullet but our data for that weight bullet only shows a Speer lead core bullet and a Barnes all copper TSX bullet use the data for the Barnes bullet. 7 0. If you are interested in the most recent data for cartridges and or bullet weights styles not listed on this page contact Barnes Consumer Service department to inquire about recommended loads and approximate timing for the data to be made available via email at customerservice barnesbullets. Barnes recommends initially seating bullets 0. There is a big warning from Barnes that they need to be used in a 1 in 12 quot twist or faster. The GMX and TSX bullets being of similar metals and shape can utilize the same data. L6 2. I am getting 2778 fps average. Barnes bullets are 100 copper contain no lead and penetrate deeper. I mean they are compressed like I 39 ve never experienced before. 5mm bullet types including FB Spitzer SBT HPBT and Tipped MK from 85 grains to 142 grains. 05 2. 8 gr. Varget usely shoots well for me over a broad range of loads and is pretty tolerant of temperature changes. 223 loads listed in this forum and the hunting forum. The Hodgdon web site shows loading data for the old 45 grain X Bullet but nothing for the TSX. 250 quot G1 B. x 4064 x x 60 gr. Black Hills Ammunition 223 Remington 62 Grain Barnes TSX Hollow Point Boat Tail Lead Free Box of 50 Looking at my Barnes manual reveals these powder charges 165 tsx IMR4350 61gr min 2889 fps 68. Buy the Barnes TSX Triple Shock X Bullets and more quality Fishing Hunting and Outdoor gear at Bass Pro Shops. 574. 264 120 Barnes 39 TTSX 39 BT S 26430 Useable Case Capaci 61. 99. 800 yielded 3350fps and less than 1 2 quot MOA. It seems that H335 works better for the lighter bullets. 308 Winchester have proven to be excellent performers at moderate ranges on medium sized game and have caught the attention of tactical teams police departments and lt NEW gt User Loading Data. Recommended Powder. Barnes suggests Varget or Reloder 15 for the 62. 050 up to . 223 is inadequate for deer I still wanted to hunt with my AR 15 . 53 GR. 25 in 5. All the loads are developed by the staff of Handloader magazine and the archives of Handloader and Rifle magazines. Varget in a . For more Sep 04 2013 During the Spring of 2013 Ammo for the 300 AAC Blackout was hard to find. For flexible usage we provide our reloading data in metric and imperial dimension systems i. 45 gr barnes TSX running pretty hot and a Sierra Game King HPBT. 270 WSM records and selected four propellants that had performed satisfactorily for me before. 7 grains filling the case it is no where near full. 4gr of R19 at OAL 2. Shop Barnes Bullets 30188 Rifle 22 Caliber . And just perhaps the 6. Become a Load Data member access over 322 088 load recipies LoadData. 5 gr of H4895 as the Maximum load at 3034 fps in 223 Rem using the 62 gr TSX bullet. 1 62 grain TTSX BT. 223 quot if that is what your rifle is chambered for. 5 PRC is an excellent hunting and long range target cartridge. I just got through loading 200 rounds using a 55 grain bullet with 27. Pretty happy with these Barnes result. I shoot the factory 130 gr TTSX out of my Browning A bolt ll amp they shoot I have shot . ALL Accurate 4350 Accurate 5744 Accurate MagPro Alliant Powder Reloder 19 Alliant Powder Reloder 22 Alliant Powder Reloder 25 Hodgdon H1000 Hodgdon H414 Hodgdon H4350 Jun 22 2014 I 39 m loading 140 gr TTSX with RL 15 for my daughter 39 s Savage Axis youth in 7mm 08 for her cow hunt. Barnes has data on their website and the newer manual has TSX TTSX data. I have a browning a bolt 7mm rem mag with a 26 in barrell and 1 9. Was looking to buy some of the Federal LE ammo that use the Barnes TSX bullets until I saw the price 1. A lot of forum members use CFE223 Leverevolution AR Comp Accurate 2520 IMR8208XBR for highest velocities with 120 125 grain bullets. A. 56 round and it is longer than the 62 gr TTSX bullet so my point being there is no issue with the length of the 62 TTSX loading it into a 5. Apr 17 2014 My Barnes Number 4 manual says 61gr of IMR4350 as a minimum and 62. 3x62 using Barnes 250 gr. 25 06 I use Nosler Accubond 110 gr. Lapua and Hornady brass used interchangeably. I have loaded 20 rounds of 62 gr TSXs for my AR15. The bullet entered the left shoulder and exited just forward of the right flank with the deer literally collapsing at the shot. 5 grains is a little over 2600 fps which is no where near the maximum load of 47. IIRC it was about 2 750 fps or less. 971 grain H2O 3. 140gr TSX 61gr R19 3150fps 2. 1. Speer. Dec 13 2010 I 39 d try starting around 23. 39. While hunters can still go through reloading and casting at home Barnes Tipped Triple Shock X Bullets are for when serious power is needed to take down large game. 3 x 74R double gun. Barnes and the 270 gr. 224 62 Grain Spitzer Boat Tail Barnes Tipped Triple Shock X THANK YOU FS RELOADING ON SUPPLYING GREAT INFORMATION AND U TUBE nbsp Barnes ttsx 308 168 grain load data A Winchester 70 in . 0 gr. 22 cal . Don 39 t do this unless you have load data from Sierra I 39 ve been working up a Varget load for 62gr Barnes TSX because I 39 ve read good nbsp 22 Aug 2018 Left to right Nosler 168gr Ballistic Tip 150gr Barnes TTSX 168gr Nosler Custom I didn 39 t bother firing my 47. 56x45mm NATO aka 5. I shoot them in both a 308 Win load and a 300 WSM load. 308 Win and many other cartridges. 140 Ballistic Coefficient . Bullet Weight 110 gr Case Trim Length 1. 223 Rem has such a discrepancy I to the . 392 base to end of plastic tip which is a mile longer. 243 Winchester Barnes Reloading Manual 3 reloading data with 154 loads. 36 quot CTC out of my 26 quot Rem 700 BDL all Factory at 100 yds. The one exception may be my AR as I may load up some 62 or 70 grain 5. 1 grns AR2206h behind the 50grn TTSX and really rate it highly if you go nbsp 2 Jun 2014 The 62 grain bullet is a standard Barnes TSX design offering a trajectory match with the M855 load if you want to use heavier bullets in a fast nbsp 9 Feb 2012 My favorite is Benchmark up to 62 grain bullet but it 39 s not the best for 69gr and heavier. 5 Grendel ammo. Whether you 39 re making bulk ammo for plinking creating the perfect hunting round or building the best ammunition for a 500 yard shot Midsouth has the right Rifle Bullet for your Reloading recipe. 223 Remington Fully aware that the general consensus lies in the BELIEF that the . As far as 25. L6 3. 22 cal 69 gr TSX but they make a 62 They also make a TTSX 62 gr. Only 1 in stock Item BA30459 0. Press. An excellent choice for 185 220 grain bullets in the . Varget 38. We are a licensed ammunition manufacturer. i have used the regular tsx with great results less than 1 quot usually 3 4 quot groups out of my tikka t3 300 wsm with 70 gr 39 s of imr 4831 3060 fps. 25 and recommends 0. 6 62. using a 270 Winchester Browning X bolt and that data also will be presented. Very consistent POI thru the whole string 47 51 in . 22 VALKYRIE cal . 338 Lapua Magnum LOAD DATA Barrett 98B 20 quot amp 27 quot by Ken Kempa Reduce all listed loads by 5 grains to start then work up. The 62 grain Barnes TSX bullets don 39 t shoot very good in my Tikka 1 8 twist or my RRA Predator Pursuit 1 8 twist rifles. tipped tsx to see how good it would be next to the plain 168 gr. 62 MOA groups with a 300 win mag that wouldn 39 t shoot 2 If the load data is wacko I start with how much powder depending on nbsp 7 Jun 2016 Loads for . 1 gr. rounds will be fired out of a 16 inch 1 8 223 wylde rifle. I would expect these are really hard bullets with long bearing surfaces and the Nosler manual advises to start loading these at lower levels thus lower quot i purchased the barnes . 30 06 140 160 grain bullets in the 6. This is a premium bullet design solid copper with no separation of core and jacketing maintaining full mass even while fully expanding upon contact meant for medium to large and even dangerous game. Be sure to clean any jacket fouling from your barrel before you shoot TSX Bullets. 867 quot 3rds 24 grains Group 1. The 85gr TSX 39 s in my 6. 451 quot 3rds 25 grains Group 0. bullets developed during the 1950s most military type loads utilize 122 to 124 gr. I load the same with a 70 grain Barnes TSX and get similar results to the 68 gr. 224 pills for some reason weight length Some rubbish the Barnes i. 71 gr. 0 3320 50 800 CUP You can also go to Barnes site and pull up there load data for the 80 gr and cross it over to nearest powder on burn rate chart Powder Bul Weight C. 3x62mm Hodgdon Rifle Data reloading data with 74 loads. 25 1. these are the only powders i have can find and understand they aren 39 t optimal. Barnes load data Mar 16 2016 The company s 5. 375 Ruger. I have purchased a CZ 550 American in 9. 088 quot Starting 22. 75 quot at 100 yds. 5mm Precision Rifle Cartridge 6. NOTE For most of these cartridges the stated max load velocities were NOT particularly impressive. 223 Rem 22 PPC 22 250 6 PPC 6mm BR 6. So far this new BARNES 5. C. We have answered the call with match grade 6. Everybody I know that shoots Barnes bullets in a . Jan 13 2019 IMPORTANT This is just a sample Sierra has load data for many other 6. 243 WSSM 62 grains. Case Trim Length C. have developed a comprehensive Reloading Guide to provide handloaders with current data for Ramshot Powders. 47. 5mm projectiles the United States has finally caught on. Barnes TTSX. Have loaded the 125 gr Nosler Ballistic Tip to 3100 fps with RL 15. 224 quot nbsp The full lineup of tested Varmint Grenade bullets 1 . ETA Those bullets are long for their weight. 5gr compressed and the 5. 250 or more. Combining Vihtavuori s latest decoppering technology and enhanced temperature stability N150 is a tremendously versatile powder. 5 Creedmoor DATA CLICK HERE. 62 gr. The following text is taken from one of the customer reviews on Midway USA site for the Barnes TSX 22 caliber 45 grain bullet. Rifles amp DT. But normally it is zeroed for Federals 62 grain Green Tip ammo. Oct 05 2009 We quickly found IMR 8208 XBR loads for the . 5 2400 1407 2100 1. wind drift at 10 mph crosswind but does fall short in the energy department. 828 grain H2O 4. Barnes LRX takes 1600 FPS to open. We sell Grendel Uppers and our customers have stated a lack of ammo. CFE 223 contains our Copper Fouling Eraser ingredient originally used in military propellant which greatly deters copper fouling and contributes to longer periods of top accuracy with less barrel cleaning time. Heading to Colorado this fall and starting to develop a load for my 338 win mag always ran the 225 gr accubond they 39 ve pounded black bear and mule deer but started looking into the 210 gr Barnes ttsx and the 230gr Hornady eld x the accubond had acceptable accuracy but wasn 39 t quot great quot 1. 5 PRC case left holds about 62 grains of water with a Hornady 143 grain ELD X bullet seated to a cartridge overall length of 2. 56MM 70GR. 166 Bullet Style TTSX FB Primer CCI 400 B. Here are Barnes links to . 223 and 5. 224 62GR TTSX BT and some 70GR TSX BT bullets but could not really fine any reputable load data for the powders I have. 223 Rem so I Barnes says quot Use load data for our other 250 gr bullet for the TTSX quot Barnes lists 69 Start to 74 gr max of 4064 Hodgdon Lists 60 start to 67gr max of 4064 for a 250 gr bullet. Bullet performance has been impressive. Typically this premium hunting bullet retains 100 of its original weight even after Barnes Tipped TAC TX Bullets 300 AAC Blackout 300 Whisper 308 Diameter 110 Grain Flat Base Lead Free Box of 50 Barnes LRX Long Range Hunting Bullets 264 Caliber 6. A buddy of mine has used the 120gr TTSX out of a 7mm 08 on moose a couple of times also with great terminal effect. According to Ty at Barnes Tech Support this 45 gr. Hard to find load data for a quick twisted 22 250 I think either the 50 or 55 gr TTSX would stabilize with less effort on your part and still retain sufficient nbsp INDICATES MAXIMUM LOAD USE WITH CAUTION. 24. Barnes Bullets for reloading including Barnes Triple Shock X Bullets. I am pleased with this load. 204 Ruger 26 grains 50 grains 8 . 22 250 with a twist slower than I run 2 loads exclusively for my Kimber. 0 gr 49 900 265 gr TTSX BT ALL 250 gr 300 gr 325 gr 350 gr 385 gr 400 gr 405 gr 420 gr 440 gr 460 gr 473 gr 485 gr 500 gr 510 gr 525 gr 535 gr Working up a load for Barnes TTSX 62g in 223 for a DPMS Barnes load data states a COAL of 2. SECTIONAL DENSITY 0. Fwiw Barnes recommends Superformance powder for the 80 and 85 grain loads. Anyone have any load data for these bullets I like AA2230 H335 and TAC powders for normal 55 and 62 gr. 075 quot off the rifling. Powders include Hodgdon IMR Winchester Posts 62 Share Tweet 1 Loads for 9. 224 quot . The 123 125 gr bullets are good also but they don 39 t open up as well because of the Load data 110gr TTSX with IMR 4350 I was hoping some one with the 4th edition from Barnes could share the load data for the 110gr TTSX in . 67 gr. 7mm Barnes tipped long range bullet. 750 quot 2. The 62 grain nosler partition is outstanding as well. Once I settle on a Barnes X bullet it is the only type of bullet sent down the rifles barrel. 5 twist. 5gr of IMR4831 as a minimum load. 030 quot to 0. A secondary handloaded Barnes Tipped Triple Shock X bullets TTSX 130 gr. 2 2450 Black Hills Ammunition 223 Remington 62 Grain Barnes TSX Hollow Point Boat Tail Lead Free Box of 50 ALL Accurate 4350 Accurate MagPro Alliant Powder 2000 MR Alliant Powder 4000 MR Alliant Powder Reloder 15 Alliant Powder Reloder 16 Alliant Powder Reloder 17 Alliant Powder Reloder 19 Alliant Powder Reloder 22 Alliant Powder Reloder 23 Alliant Powder Reloder 25 Alliant Powder Reloder 26 Hodgdon H1000 Hodgdon H380 Hodgdon H414 Hodgdon H4350 Hodgdon H4831 Hodgdon H4895 Hodgdon Hybrid 100V Powder Bul Weight C. The Barnes TSX bullet is precision engineered with four cutting petals that deploy at impact to inflict enormous terminal damage along with deep penetration nbsp 3 Jan 2013 Rifle Reloading Forum gt Question about the 62 Gr. 5 inches at 100. 6 mm. Aug 28 2008 Several of my 308s shot the 150 gr. Here is a review of the 70 grain Barnes Triple Shock X Hollow Point Boat Tail from Midway USA from a man who took two good sized deer with it Amazing performance on deer in the . Barnes TSX amp 400 gr. Pretty much the same loads will go to Mozambique with me this year but in a 9. 308 winchester using Reloader 15 powder and 150 grain barnes TTSX bullets. 0. Using bullets from Barnes TSX FB Barnes Banded Solid. I could happily use either and one of the four . 3 X 62 and was wondering what pet loads some of you guys might have for this excellent cartridge. 845 1x8 Rem 7 The Barnes book lists 47. Also look at the Barnes 110 gr TTSX flat base bullet. wonder if there is anyone who can help me with reloading data on these two bullets please. The Berger Stability Calculator generates a 1 11. 60 62 GRAIN BULLETS. RL16 and RL26 might be worth a try as well. 200 in. 62 3582 Nov 17 2013 I was hoping to get some help with some Barnes TSX load suggestions. 56 data for TAC and this 62gr TSX both are within 0. not the tipped version So just pick a cheaper bullet that has a similar BC run it at the same speed as your Barnes and your drops and drifts will be similar. 6 IMR4350 OAL of 2. Outside of special subsonic loads featuring 12. 5 2451 PowerPro 300 MP 19. ttsx in . 308 Win. I bought some 250 grain TSX bullets for my 9. H 4198 powder 250 Gr. Turnbull Mfg. alf Apr 5 2011 Powder Bul Weight C. 224 69 Grain Match Burners Boat Tail 100 Per Box 30162 Nov 09 2019 Hylander I went out to the shop and checked that load data that Barnes sent me and it gave load data for the Barnes 250 gr. Hey I bought myself a Ruger Alaskan caliber . I am almost thinking of going back to the drawing board to try the 53 grain TSX as it would give a bit more velocity. 30 06 factory loads. I ran across your posts after developing a load with 107 A review of hunting bullets currently offered by Barnes including the TSX TTSX LRX and banded solid. However it turns out I somehow I may have used Hogdon data for the 140 N Partion and those loads are several grains hotter than what Barnes has posted today. 295 COAL 2. 41 1. 5 grains of H4895 as the Minimum load 2876 fps and 24. May 21 2020 I bought a ton of the Barnes 140 grain TTSX bullets due to the copper only requirement here in CA and the only load info I can find is on the Barnes site. 3 x 62mm 250 Gr. Matching Maximum Pressure 60000 psi or 413 MPa or a maximum loading ratio or filling of 110 This lead free 100 copper constructed bullet provides extreme penetration every time. Haven 39 t tried that particular bullet from my . 9. The groups had same point of impact at 100 yards. 30 cal 168 gr. Dec 23 2016 I use H 335 with 100 grain bullets and 29. Hodgdon 39 s current data on their site lists 36. At a velocity of 3 362 fps it was the fastest load tested and accuracy was great. Are you looking for a . Min. 63 gr. Rifle Data. 12 mm Barrel Length 22. 223 caliber offerings include 52 grain FB and. 339 C. Feb 20 2012 I am trying to find the best load for my rifle. I 39 d be curious about your results when you do. 7gr load because of the last ones. My Loading Data 160 gr TTSX Barnes WIN WLRM H414 Hodgdon WIN 2. 3 grains of Rl 22 with a Fed 215M primer. loss or damage to data lt NEW gt User Loading Data. 0 grs of IMR with good results. V MAX . I already shoot a load for that round using 35 grains of RL15 3730 fps. 224. It shoots well with factory ammo but can 39 t wait to see what it does with hand loads. charge weight in grams and grains as well as muzzle velocity in meters and feet per second. 2 grains Anyone have load data for 5. 5 Remington Magnum third from left and the 6. Hopefully some of the rifle manufacturers will start putting out some 22 250 39 s with faster twist rates. Works good on deer also. I have taken several deer with the Nosler 95 and 100 grain Partitions and the Hornady InterLock BTSP. . We have loaded thousands of boxes of ammo for our customers and have a dedicated following. 6 mm Predicted Data for Indicated Charges of the Following Powders. 185 Barnes TTSX 3. 30 gr VG Barnes WIN WSR 2015 Accurate WIN 1. Dec 12 2019 Hi lads Any of you using a recipe between rs40 and the Barnes ttsx projectiles If so please share your load data which I will be aware may not be safe in my rifle and will adjust the load accordingly thumb Cheers H335 would be ideal for the 62 grain. 250 Suggested Bullet Use 62 grain TTSX BT Between 1977 and 1980 Fabrique Nationale under the direction of NATO modified the specifications of the military loads which became known as the 5. The coated bullet however bettered that velocity by a significant 295 fps. Bullets 40. I was thinking of staying with the light to medium bullets such as the 250 gr. 30. INDICATES MAXIMUM LOAD USE WITH CAUTION Rifle Data. 173 C. Jul 23 2019 The 6. Barnes TSX 62gr . Remington offers two excellent . I have Winchester 748 Hodgdon H322 H335 and Accurate 2460 powders. 49 GR. I shot a 243 ttsx in a rifle and 243 pistol both at 200 into a gallon jug of water backed by 3 2 1 2 quot wet phone books. Recommended Powder C Compressed Load 7 69 grain Match Burner Sectional Density . 62 . 56 Barnes X bullets for a specific use. 223 data the 223 max is 25. 5 gram 192. I have spoken to Ryan at Barnes and he suggests trying IMR 4064 powder with a 168 grain TTSX spaced 0. TTSX 24 quot brux 10 twist and I 39 m loading them to 2. 25 0. RL19 63 gr. 3 grains of CFE 223 now that almost filled the case. velocity 2018 fps Max. I 39 m also interested in how your load performs for accuracy so I can . Well only the 70gr TTSX is too long then. Sorry no data for RL17 or RL19 and I don 39 t have Quickload either. This spherical propellant was designed expressly to provide top velocities in fast cartridges. I paired the 350 grain Barnes TSX with 57. D. 3031 4064 and 748 all gave good accuracy. I 39 ve received loads from QL before I don 39 t trust it much to be honest. Federal 215 LR magnum primers. They call for COAL of 3. of imr 4831 and wow Barnes TSX Hunting Rifle Bullets . 3 74 R Load Data 9. 665 185 Hornady GMX 3 The way I look at it if you have to shoot a 36 grain bullet it is not a good old 22 250 anymore. Speer. This load shoots about . 33. 5 grains of Varget for about 2 520 fps. Start loading with the starting load according to the loading data. When loading a Barnes TSX Tipped TSX or LRX bullet your rifle may prefer a bullet jump of anywhere between a minimum of . 845 quot 3rds 25. Mar 01 2016 The VOR TX line extensions will bring three new loads to the Barnes VOR TX family A 308 Win. 5x55 and 175 200 grain bullets in the . 56 NATO type SS109 M855 62 grain bullet SS110 M856 77 grain tracer load and SS111 M857 tungsten carbide bullet . Nov 19 2011 Varget and RL 15 should be good options. You might want to start at 44 grains but this load is a half grain under max in the older barnes book and the book says it is a 50 000 CUP load. 3x64mm Brenneke Load Data 375 Holland amp Holland H amp H Magnum Load Data 375 Ruger Load Data 378 Weatherby Magnum Load Data 375 Remington Ultra Magnum Load Data 416 Ruger Load Data 416 Remington Magnum Load Data 416 Rigby Load Data 416 Weatherby I have been shooting the 168gr TSX for several years out of my 300 RUM 3340fps with devistating results. 70 gr. 4 gr of Varget with an OAL of 2. Mar 26 2013 They are quite accurate. If it 39 s a weatherby try RL 22 I get aboutl a half an inch with a start of 70. Looked at the . velocity 2183 fps It also gave a ballistic drop table for the 250 gr. 0. 58 gr. A stout load of Varget would be a good choice for whichever you end up with. The TSX has gained worldwide recognition as one of the deadliest most dependable bullets you can buy. Going to be using a Use the Barnes data with your twist. They mag feed from the Wyatt 39 s box on my predator action. These revolutionary bullets from Barnes are made of 100 copper and contain no lead. 5 gr. 224 quot 62 gr TTSXBT 50 ct. Similar Posts My 9. Seems to be a bad little dude. I had 3 boxes of 220gr. 56mm loads using 55 62 and 70 grain TSX bullets offer proven penetration solid expansion and excellent quality. My question is how have you guys found the 53 grain Barnes TSX bullets to work in a 22 250. My Loading Data All User Loading Data Components . May 19 2014 Hey would one of you Guys with Quick load Please run me load data for the 257 WBee using a Barnes 80 gr TTSX Fed215M and IMR 7828 powder 08. 2 quot COAL Using a gauge I measure 2. My 130 TTSX load in same rifle used 60. Barnes TSX all rifles are different so my load data might shoot like crap out of your nbsp 243 cal Steyr Pro Hunter 2. 56 data for 2520 and RL 15 but only 223 data for cfe 223 nbsp 14 Nov 2019 Trying to find some loading data for these barnes 62gr ttsx bullets and I If anyone may have a book that gives you the load data for this In your situation the the Barnes TTSX is a full 0. 243 uses the 80 grain TTSX. Using bullets from Barnes Solid Barnes XBT or Solid Barnes XLC BT Barnes XFB Barnes Original. The heavier 53 gr. 22 Caliber . So you could start there and work up. Over a century after Scandinavia discovered the merits of 6. TSX 04 29 2008 18 54. 070 quot depending on the rifle. Something funny that does show up is the faster 4064 data should show less powder than slower Varget in this case it does not. 050 quot off the lands. I mainly use the Barnes for nostalgia but you can shoot a deer square in the shoulders with it and get an exit wound every time and drt. Urgent I 39 ve been doing some reloading for my . 56mm L to R 69gr SMK 62gr TTSX 77gr SMK 73gr ELD M 77gr TMK 30 Oct 2011 I have loaded 20 rounds of 62 gr TSXs for my AR15. 5 PRC is a 100gr Barnes TTSX 2. I am loading 24 grains of Ramshot TAC under the 62 Grain Barnes TSX now in an 18 inch 1 7 twisted barrel but do not have a chronograph. 240. 6. The 6. 0 max 3148 fps Your other powders aren 39 t mentioned in my Barnes manual for 165 or 168 gr bullets. Hornady match only a slight widening of the group call it 3 4 quot . 3gr of each other so it 39 s good to see that Barnes 39 data isn 39 t just relabeled 223 data. 2. If there is no indication of the starting load use a 15 lower charge than the listed maximum. Anyone have any data or know where to find it on reloading 223 556 was for the ttsx but wasn 39 t sure I did try three 62gr ttsx at 25. 97 Jun 07 2011 The 62 grain Barnes has a BC of . 224 just before the great shortage of Barnes load data and a link for the 62 gr TSX for varget above. com or by phone at 800. 28. 84 mm Barrel Length 24. fouling not grouping but that is answered by stoking them and seating them deep. 358 180gr TTSX BULLET FLAT BASE 50 bx . 9200. Prior to firing the 50 grain TSX ammunition I fired a 10 shot control group using match grade hand loads topped with the Sierra 55 grain BlitzKing. 014 cm Cartridge O. IMR4198 57 gr. 287. What amounts to another grain of powder raises peak pressure to 60 000 PSI Seems I remember Barnes packed some load data in the XLC bullet boxes nbsp . 358 Shooting Times Alaskan STA Load Data 9. Start low and work nbsp 6 May 2013 I managed to get a box of 62gr. H4198 58. which is below our 800 ft. 16 quot 1x7 Colt M4 2802 FPS Old SSA 5. I still have several boxes of both loads in hand. Always work up best of luck. Mar 26 2012 Re 300 WSM and 200gr. 230 min load of 62. The Barnes TTSX and the Swift A frame both shoed promise that load but I decided to concentrate on the TSX. May 14 2011 I am going to try the 168 grain TTSX for Elk Barnes theory and need a proven load for this October. Item No. Just use the 70 grain data below and you have a little more room above the listed 23 grains since yuo are running a lighter bullet. quot Now Barnes has improved on perfection by adding a streamlined polymer tip. 284 120 Barnes 39 TTSX 39 BT 30298 Useable Case Capaci 47. the barnes book uses Jan 04 2011 In my haste I forgot to ask Brooks for load data. 30 FACTORY. By comparing various recipes for similar weight bullets in several reloading manuals I arrived at conservative starting loads for the 110 grain TTSX. The Barnes Manual shows 22. Five rounds shoot within an inch when I do my part. 6 grains of Varget with a 60 V max works well with my TC Encore which is a 12 twist. Best accuracy will be found from 0. Grains Vel. TSX. I 39 ll post the actual when I am back at the desk. 223 using Barnes 62gn TSX and AR2206H Powder. Closest I can come up with is the 62gr Barnes TSX Data. X Bullet Ammunition and reloading components Barnes legitimized the 9. 4 2499 H110 Hodgdon 19. From what I understand RL15 and Varget are VERY similar. I do not like to waste bullets so I pick the 2 4 powders with the top speeds and just load the max in the Barnes data. The Barnes load data for . Source. Barnes posted data between the 5. 8 0. 64 gr. 287 C. better then anything else. 0 96 67. Barnes . 56 data seems to track well with Accurate 39 s 5. The old SSA load is was much faster than the new SSA load. 223 Rem runs at 55K psi so the max charge will be less around 21 to 22 grains. 177 DIAMETER 0. 690 in. 223 loads a 62 grain Core Lokt Ultra rifle in . Barnes load data So I 39 m looking at Barnes load data for the 22 250 and don 39 t see any loads for any thing greater than the 53 grain tsx. 30 06 clocked at 2 796 fps. Using my Howa Alpine Mountain rifle in 308 win. I hope to get those up to 3150 fps or so out of my 26 inch long 7 RM. My load is 73. 115 cm Cartridge O. And if you compare the 25 grains listed for 62 gr FMJ Speers from the Alliant website it matches pretty closely with a midrange load from Barnes. 800 inch 71. 83 . Thread Do any of your reloading data resources have a listing for that projectile using H4895 I use 25 grains of 2206h for a sierra 65grain gameking Im using 25. C Compressed Load. 210 in. The only problem I 39 ve had is recovering the bullets as they usually pass through. 22281 C. 41. This nbsp Maximum Loads Should Be Used With Caution Always Start With Minimum Loads. 0g Hornady Superperformance But if your going to only hunt with it then 3500 fps with a hot load Originally Posted By Rocket62 Below shows the charge data for each and the recipe I started with. 4 min and 25. TSX 2802 FPS. Aug 22 2012 The amax is a killing machine as well is the Barnes ttsx. 0 gr 59 400 100 gr TTSX BT Barnes FED 210m IMR 4166 Improved 60 62 GRAIN BULLETS DIAMETER 0. Sep 15 2015 Bob what permitted you getting these load charges is the OAL wich is for CIP 83. XFN Marlin 1895 data. 6 . 224 62 nbsp mented by other reloading manuals including at least one by a prominent bullet manufacturer. My M70 is zeroed for 200yards and get close to an inch groups at that range. 30 63 N570 96. 5 quot . DIAMETER 0. 171 0. I 39 d think the 130 Barnes bullet might also do well with either Varget or RL 15. The majority of 22 250 barrels are 14 twist. They react more like a heavier bullet as far as load data but fly like a lighter bullet. Of note is the Nosler E tip. I think that I will start with this recipe. 56 chamber. FMJ. Powder Bul Weight C. x x x 4320 x x 63 gr. INDICATES MAXIMUM LOAD USE Buy the Barnes Tipped Triple Shock X Bullets and more quality Fishing Hunting and Outdoor gear at Bass Pro Shops. Barnes 150 and 168 grain TTSX loads in . Min Charge Max Charge Optimal Charge Bullet Make Bullet Type Primer Notes Hodgdon Benchmark 108 gr. I actually use the same powder load with 62 gr FMJ and 60 gr Nosler BT. OAL 2. I have also used Sierra HPBT 120 gr using 47. 2. I 39 m not at my computer so don 39 t have the velocity handy but it was less than 50 fps slower than QuickLoad predicted out of my 16 quot barrel. I shot a bull elk with this load at a range of 80 yards and he ran 40 yards and expired. 5 3355 50 300 CUP IMR 4064 41. They show 23. 25. 243 shooting monolithic Barnes TTSX 80 grain bullets at about 3 200 ft s. tsx. Just for fun I measured base to junction of copper and plastic tip and found it to be 2. 5gr of W748 or maybe a call to Barnes Tech Support would help out. 56 case for standard mags. This is suppose to be the most accurate powder for the non typed tsx based off of the data barnes shares on their site for those bullets. 267 Would you happen to have any data for 120 gr smk in quickload for an 18 quot barrel. When loading cartridges for which the listed charge is 10 grains or less after firing 10 rounds at the minimum weight 15 below maximum increase charge weights by 0. 308 case regardless of caliber is a match made in heaven. 68 gr. 265. 9 gr. I load the 62gr TTSX 1 The expansion Jul 05 2012 Trying to replicate the WSSM by having a 22 243 built via a T3 243. 3 X 62 Mauser Load Data 9. TSX you may want to try the 62 TTSX over your tac and back off a half a grain from max load Barnes has 5. Try these all copper bullets and realize the added benefits of improved accuracy reduced barrel fouling and increased velocity. 5 Grendel. Now the picture as to why the TTSX is superior to the TSX for longer shot I tried to work up a load for the 62 grain Barnes TSX BT in my AR using H335 but it wouldn 39 t pattern. Barnes Data Chilly I Mar 23 2010 Looking for starting loads for Barnes TSX 62 gr and 70 gr solids. 340 inch 84. both bullets expanded to the same diameter which was double the original. Working up a load for Barnes TTSX 62g in 223 for a DPMS Barnes load data states a COAL of 2. If you can get good accuracy at 3400 fps the cut the vertical drop in half only give up 1 2 a min. I could swear that the Barnes data had higher mins and max before this quot New quot as they indicate page. Sights. 9. 56 brass and be ok. The Barnes is an exceptional pill driven at speed. 3 2235 21. 3x62 9. 5 284 second from left holds about 56 grains. Maximum Loads Should Be Used With Caution Always Start With Minimum Loads. 490 quot Compressed load Max 62. It surprised us nbsp 62 gr. 224 quot 78 gr TSX BT 50 Box Barnes TSX was introduced in 2003 and has become Barnes 39 most popular hunting bullet. 3 2372 21. Mar 04 2017 Sometimes Accurate has Barnes data. 68 COAL 80g Barnes TTSX 49. _____ To maximize performance the ballistics experts at Western Powders Inc. 56mm MK318 They are all copper bullets weighing 62gr. On the list below you can find all the rifle reloading data we have currently available. 05 off the lands so in theory I 39 d start with 2. 565 quot S. 400 gr. 2 gr and max of 69. the very first load i tried with the 168 gr ttsx was 68 gr 39 s. I have taken several northern whitetail deer with the 308 Win and 130 gr. As you know since the 1930 39 s Barnes Bullets has led the industry in bullet and a high ballistic coefficient. Every hog I 39 ve hit with these has been DRT. I decid Barnes 130 grain TTSX bullet has a stated muzzle velocity of 3125 feet per second with 2818 foot pounds of energy. Jester This is over a 39 book 39 maximum load of Varget. Knowing the velocity would be a good data point. It seems that I have read that you use XBT data for TTSX bullet. SSA loads 70 gr TSX in a defensive 5. Instead I reviewed my . This video is not a ballistic gelatin test it is the results of a That was not my point. bullets propelled to muzzle velocities around Rifle reloading handloading data for rifle calibers. Powders include IMR Alliant Hodgdon Vihtavuori Accurate Lapua Cases Barnes TSX 62 gr BTHP Varget Powder CCI BR4 Match Small Rifle Primers Comparator OOL 0. Jan 27 2019 I decided to post this because there s very little posted information out there for this particular Barnes bullet the 62gr Tipped Triple Shock X bullets TTSX . Barnes bullets are the most effective amp dependable hunting bullets you can find. Both were exceptionally accurate at a H322 62 gr. 220 Swift Cartridge My Barnes Reloading Manual Number 4 shows Varget as the most Most Accurate load for the 223 Remington with the Barnes 62 gr TSX bullet. I am excited to build a load for my 22 250. 20 Mar 2018 Barnes 39 posted data between the 5. The 225 grain Barnes Triple Shok is my go to bullet for the 338 WM. Barnes load data and a link for the 62 gr TSX for varget above. I 39 m sticking with Barnes though. 56mm and . bullet was designed specifically for . 540 Jan 04 2011 For example the maximum load for the 180 grain Barnes X Bullet in the . O. The results you got are right on the spot see attached charts made from your 3rd load usinng 57 gr or a Load Density of 89 of Rl15 286 gr Partition for 3. I also load the 270 TSX in my 375 RUM. 5 PRC 120 Grain Barnes Tipped Triple Shock TTSX Lead Free This short action magnum cartridge 6. 3 grain increments. handloaded at 100 yards for both Barnes and Hornady loads. Important for a hunting rifle. Since its introduction in 2003 Barnes 39 TSX Bullet has earned a reputation as quot the perfect hunting bullet. Recommended Powder C Compressed Load 2 62 grain Varmint Grenade Sectional Density . 22 250 with a 1 14 rate of twist. 65 gr. Nov 05 2018 I used the info in it in the Barnes section double checked against Barnes website for current info it is the same to load 30 of my 100 bullets with TAC Accurate 2520 and Varget and wow I have some seriously compressed loads. Both make this little mountain gun 1000 yard capable. i usuallu shoot fairly well with barnes tsx 150 grain at 60 grains imr 4831. 2 2 797 4 341 3 042 5 135 8. Bullet . This 95 gr Barnes TTSX round also produced 1 quot groups. 224 62 Grain TTSX BT 50 Per Box 30188 View Out Barnes Reloading Bullets 22 Caliber . com is a powerful search engine that allows you to search an ever expanding database of loads. 250 quot Barrel Length 16 quot Case Lake City Twist Rate 1 12 quot Charge Velocity Charge Velocity Powder grains fps grains fps Lil 39 Gun Hodgdon 19. Think the 62 is the best of the . Barnes Tipped TSX TTSX Bullets . I have also gotten some data from mags and such. Using bullets from Barnes TSX Speer SP Nosler Part Swift SP. Load Data. L. 5 start 52 Grains of Varget as max with the 130 39 s and the 308 win I did in fact shoot up to 51 yesterday. The load produced excellent accuracy and low recoil. the 53 grain TSX a 1 9 quot or faster twist is required to stabilize the 62 grain TSX nbsp The two bullets that I have to try are barnes 62gr ttsx and 70gr tsx. 64 2. They hold together at 22 250 velocities on deer sized game for me. 243s I run them in for the rest of my life. 750 quot twist rate 1 12 quot a 1 12 quot or faster twist is required to stablize the 45 grain Banded Solid Spitzer and the 53 grain TSX a 1 9 quot or faster twist is required to stabilize the 62 grain TSX a 1 8 quot or faster twist is required to stabilize the 70 grain TSX primer WSR except where otherwise 9. Min Charge Max Charge Optimal Charge Bullet Make Bullet Type Primer Notes Accurate 2230 130 gr. 1 Thoroughly clean your barrel with an aggressive copper remover Barnes CR 10 or Sweets 7. 95 col just kissing the lands. load featuring the proven 130 grain TTSX bullet a 300 Winchester Magnum load with a new 190 grain LRX bullet optimized for long range performance and finally a 35 Whelen load featuring the field proven Barnes TTSX 200 grain projectile. My rifle is a 1 in 14 quot . No problems with the Nosler just started using the Barnes in 223 62gr TTSX and wanted to be uniform The Barnes TTSX added a blue polymer tip to the proven. 26. 56 round at 62K psi. 29. 196 Ballistic Coefficient . 210 quot longer than the Nosler 62 grain nbsp 23 Mar 2010 Looking for starting loads for Barnes TSX 62 gr and 70 gr solids. 300 win mag using H1000 poweder they have a min max charge for the 200 grain bullet but nothing for H1000 and a 180. 250 in. 645 58 grain VARMIN A TOR Sectional Density . Feb 17 2009 Re loads for . 150 Ballistic Coefficient . Best powder that I have found is H4198. I guess I will go with what Barnes says but like to ask first because Barnes start load for a 250 gr bullet is 2 gr above Hodgdon 39 d max load. 2611239 01 11 14 08 24 PM Re 22 250 load Barnes 55gr TTSX Re Kjsguns Smokeless Die Hard Member III The 45 50 gr would be a much better choice. But they are very close. Diam. 945 inches. and hunting loads. 2 grains at 2800 fps. 224 62 GR TTSX Boat Tail 50 Box 24 Off Be The First To Review Barnes Bullets 30188 Rifle 22 Caliber . 30 Caliber Bullet 50 Projectiles TTSX BT 1 Our Low Price 34. 49. We use new Starline brass and 120 Grain Barnes TTSX Copper Bullets. 9 2256 22. So be aware that this initial load data is pretty conservative. 5 06 fourth from left hold about 61 grains. The current manual 4 includes TSX bullets but doesn 39 t have any Hornet data. 5 aup to my load of 72 grains. 050 quot off the lands per Barnes 39 recommendation . 7 gr of cfe nbsp 223 Remington Barnes Reloading Manual 4 reloading data with 68 loads. quot If you call them they can provide similar data for a quot commercial . Nov 05 2011 For a light recoiling load for paper punching or popping the occasional 39 chuck check out the 95 grain Hornady V Max over 41. Next three 10 shot groups of the 50 grain TSX load were fired in a row with the resulting extreme spreads 1. I use Hodgdon Lil Gun powder for the Hornet. 2 caribou 5 black bear and 4 moose with that load. Triple Shocks will not always stabilize in a . 270Win using IMR 4350. And lest anyone think that data was hedged in favor of the XLC consider that even the slower Barnes loading exceeded the velocity of many 180 grain . You could probably start 5 grains under my load and work up 1 2 grain at a time. Every where I look it says a 22 250 can 39 t stabilize the larger 62 and 70 grain Barnes bullets using a 1 12 twist barrel but in the Barnes load data they My son recently took a deer at around 200 yards using the Barnes 80 grain TTSX from his Ruger No. 199 C. That group had an extreme spread of 0. 0 grains H 335 with Barnes 100 grain TTSX has been accurate in my 16 quot 6. 56mm I load them with the 62 gr Barnes TTSX using Barnes load data and have yet to lose a hog. barnes 62 grain ttsx load data