Malik Atta M. Khatana (Late)

Lahore Property Group was established in 1972. Late Malik Atta Muhammad was the founder of this company who set up his first office at 129 Multan Road Lahore, Pakistan. Mr. Muhammad decided to invest his expertise in the field of real estate dealing after serving the Government of Pakistan as officer for several years. The experience he attained from working with various governmental figures and bodies helped him to master the art of public dealing. His expertise comprised of land development and real estate amelioration.Mr Atta was well known for his fair and honest public dealings. Officer Malik Atta was masters in philosophy who chose this field to join hands with big tycoons in order to develop the historical city of Lahore. His clients were based around the world including UK, US, Europe and Africa. His services and knowledge was admired by personalities such as Dr. Abdur Sattar Edhi, Seth Abid, Salman taseer and many more. He also collaborated with the partners all over Pakistan including Karachi, Islamabad, Sakhar, Faislabad, etc. to boost the construction business in Pakistan.

Malik Haji Muhammad Iqbal Khatana (Late)

Mr Iqbal (late) was the elder son of (late) Mr. Atta. He graduated as a civil engineer in 1975 and later worked for the Lahore Development Authority (LDA) as a sub-divisional officer (SDO). During the course of his employment he was honoured with ample accolades; superintended the construction work of the Holy Place, Mecca (Saudia Arabia), held the position of LDA’s worker’s Union President and built a few historical places in Lahore. In 1999 he requested the retirement and joined his father’s real estate business (LPG).

Lahore Property Group Executives

Malik Jamshaid Ul Hassan Khatana

Malik Jamshaid ul Hassan is the youngest son of (late) Malik Atta Muhammad. He graduated in 1990 as an LLB (Law) student from Punjab University, Lahore, Pakistan. As a postgraduate work he part-time practiced as a solicitor for the Lahore Civil Court and the rest assisting his father at LPG. Whilst working at LPG, he explored various business opportunities and latter in 1995 got his membership to Lahore Stock Exchange(LSE) under the name registered as ‘Jamshaid & Hassan Securities (pvt)’. After getting enrolled as a member of Lahore High Court Bar, he solicited under his partnered firm ‘Lahore Law Chamber’ with Honourable (retd) Judge Mr. Ijaz Ahmad Chaddar. Till the date Mr. Malik continue to polish his advocacy, trading and especially land developing skills by not merely continuing his father’s real estate business legacy but also running his legal and investment firms.

Muhammad Naeem Chughtai

I am Mohammad Naeem Chughtai, Director Lahore Property Group. Friends will introduce you to Lahore Property Group that our legendary Malik Atta Mohammad founders of Lahore Property Dealer 129 Multan Road Lahore started work of Real Estate builder in Lahore in 1972, it was the time of when inter-provansional People were interested in settling in the Punjab provincial capital for the best education good day and established our business, but at this time in his decision, our legendary  Malik Atta Mohammad fully supported, and made them the best opportunities to settle in the provincial capital, as a Family members to purchase these services as well as underground property As a result of this, they supported the best decision making by their generations, as long as the Malik Atta Mohammad had worked hard in his life to do business with his sincerity. All customer, circle sources, and then investors, developers, builders, tribute the business to their best way of cordial life.

The business of Real estate (Buy & Sell immovable Properties i.e; commercial, residential, industrial, agricultural and farm houses properties ) can be a difficult business to conduct whether it repeatedly providing clients or investor with the best deals in the town or gaining the satisfaction of a wide variety of clients. (we provide services on base of faith & dignity)  But by the grace of Allah we have accomplished this field time to time again and the glowing reviews and opinions of the clients doing business with us is a strong grounds of our dedication and commitment towards our cause. To provide maximum benefits for the clients in least possible time we must conduct our property business fairly, with honest opinions and transparent dealings. We are caring towards the clients, show respect, compassion and humanity for our colleagues and customers in our dealings .Rest assured we always work for the benefit of the communities we serve in .We deal in all kinds of commercial and residential, industrial, agricultural and farm houses properties in Lahore.


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